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Level 1Biomagnetism November 11-15, 2018
NCODE - Group Therapy November 17 & 18, 2018
Biomagnetic Neuropsychology November 17-20, 2018
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Monday, March 4, 2013

52 International Bioenergetics Seminar in San Francisco,CA, October 23-25, 2012

The 52 International Bioenergetics Seminar in San Francisco, CA, was a great success. This was the first Bioenergetics Seminar ever taught in english language and in the US!!! 
With Dra Esther del Rio and Dr Isaac Goiz Duran as instructors.
We were honoured to have Dra Esther del Rio teach the 1st day of class, as she usually only teaches in Mexico, we were really privilege that she came to the San Francisco area in October to teach Bioenergetics with Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD. 

Dra. Esther del Rio, a chemist and biologist researcher with a Master's degree and Doctorate in Biochemistry, whose revolutionary discovery in 1968 of the Crystal Water and the network of ferrous-ferric magnetites inside of the body and electromagnetic energy transfer shows that our bodies are composed of an intricate magnetic network, in the form of magnets, that work together forming a complex network of magnetic microfields and that the water inside the body is not water in its normal form (H2O), but has characteristics of optical glass, liquid crystal, (H2O)37. In other words, she has found that we are authentic antennas and we are literally light. She has scientifically proven why energy healing, reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, prayer,!

2012 Students Testimonials

Thank You soooo much for all of your hard work and dedication! Laurie, Audra, Cristo and I… we loved it!  The hotel was nice, our rooms were nice, the food was nice, the information was fantastic! I know that there is an incredible amount of work and organization that goes into putting something like that together and we all think that you did a great job! Thank You! Dr. Ralph Umbriaco, Newport Beach, CA

* The Biomagnetism Seminar   was a great and learning experience for all did so well to make it work for all of us.......Thanks! Dick Davis, Costa Rica

*Hello from Canada! I just want to say thank you for everything and that I have cured my wife Amira from Asthma using Biomagnetism! She is so happy! I have found that she was infected with rabies in her left armpit and she had infections in her Pineal gland,Parietal and Sternum!!! Her both kidneys had infections as well, liver too!!It is amaizing to see her breathing well again after more than 15 years of suffering! It is incredible feeling to help her breath again! Thank you and Dr.Goiz million thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  God Bless you and Dr.Goiz!!!!!!   Sincerely, Dejan Dejanovic, Canada

* Quede encantado con el curso porque fue excepcionalmente organizado y ustedes son una maravilla, creo que aprendi bastantes trucos especialmente el dia de practica todos los tips que nos dieron. Muchas gracias por su ayuda. Italo Campilli, Miami, FL 

Querida Helena! Parabenos pela realizacion del evento! Fue magnífico! Yo estaba muy feliz. Hice muchos amigos y muy feliz por conocer usted!!!  Dr. Cleber Fabre, MD, Brazil

*Muchas gracias por hacer todo el programa posible para nosotros. Marisol Padilla, San Jose, CA

* Hi Helena, I hope you have a little time to recover from all your effort to organize and welcome and make comfortable 150 people - a huge accomplishment that deserves recognition and thanks. It was lovely to meet you - you are an amazing teacher, and I hope that our paths cross again - perhaps you'll visit. Margot Zimmerman, Saint Thomas, VI.

Helena, Just wanted to say "Thank you" for all the hard work you and your co-workers did for the Biomagnetism Level 1 class I attended in Concord.  It was amazing!! Very intense, and sometimes stressful, but well worth the time and money. The interpreter was fantastic. Peace and love, 

Bev Whitney, Falls City, NE

*  Te queria dar las Gracias por el Curso y por la organizacion!! Me encanto! Aprendi muchisimo. 

 Ahora nomas a ponerlo todo en practica, y a ponerme a estudiar muchisimo. :) Muchas Gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia Delgado, El Paso, TX

*Hi Helena,Thank you SO much for all your hard work that made the Biomagnetism training seminar such a wonderful experience.  I feel so privileged to have been there!  I know you put in an enormous amount of time and energy to make it happen.  So, thank you! Blessings to you! Barbara Foerster, Marina, CA

* Dear Helena, I wish to thank you for a great initial experience with Biomagnetism. I plan to practice and treat my 100 clients to be able to take Level 2. Thank you very much for a powerful and moving experience. Be well, Darek Murat, Wheeling, IL.

Estimada Helena Guerrero: Nuevamente un millon de gracias por el gran desempeno en la organizacion de este maravilloso curso, sin duda fue una experiencia muy agradable por la organizacion tan profesional. Enviandote un afectuoso saludo, Miriam Meredith, Denver, CO.

* THANK YOU SO MUCH ALONG WITH KATHARINA FOR HOSTING SUCH A GREAT COURSE. I MENTIONED TO YOU BOTH THAT I'd overheard a lady mentioned that she's attended a couple other courses of Biomagetism and this was the most organized she'd experienced. So please be content to learn this and there is a star beside your names...Cathy Pettinger, Canada.
* I would like to thank you so much for organizing this fantastic seminar. I was very happy to meet you in person and hope to see you again to the future. Aikaterini Lalaouni, Greece
* Thank you for your assistance this year and for arranging a wonderful course with Dr. Goiz.
I don't think a presentation by Dr. Goiz in the USA can be done any better than what you did. You did an excellent job and all the attendees know it.. Steve Labo, California,  USA.
* I wanted to express my Deep appreciation for bringing Dr Goiz and giving me and all of us the opportunity to help others and create happiness and health in the world. Taly Barr, California, USA
* Just wanted to Thank You for all your hard work in putting together the class.
I really enjoyed the class (lots of info). Please also thank all the ladies on my behalf for all their hard work and help.
Thank you and hope to see you again soon. ..Pearl Lariz, California, USA
* I hope you are getting some rest after last week's class. Great job on organizing, teaching, everything! Thank you! Srinika Narayan, California, USA
* Thanks again for organizing the great course with Dr. G. I had a great time and got a lot out of it. God bless you Bill Bowling, Florida, USA
* Muchas gracias por tomarse la tarea de organizar este curso. Me encantó y me ha ayudado mucho a mí mismo. Durante el curso, desde el primer día supe que era algo extraordinario. He estado practicando con éxito con familiares y amigos. Marco Santana, California, USA
* Helena, I was very glad to meet you in California, and I thank you for all your help. Please send Dr. Goiz my appreciation and my best regards. All the best to you too Helena and God Bless....Kitty Cooper, Philippines.
* I want to first thank you for your efforts in putting the event together. Dinora Harwood,Texas, USA
* I hope you have recovered from the seminar! That was intense. I am excited to start using the magnets and seeing results. Diane Tauvdin, Oregon, USA.
* Le escribo para felicitarle por la organizacion del curso de Biomagnetismo,y a la vez para desearle una Feliz Navidad y que el 2012 le colme de bendiciones. Jenny Ludena, California, USA
* I had a great time at the seminar! Thank you for all that you did to make it such a good event. Terri Salvatore, California, USA
* Thank you so much for a truly amazing seminar. I know it involved a huge effort on your part. MUCH APPRECIATION!!!! Gayle Carlisle, California, USA
* Thank you so much for hosting and holding such an incredible seminar! Linda Fritz, Oregon, USA.
* I wanted to personally thank you for working so hard to organize the seminar with Dr Goiz. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for being so generous with your time and heart. All my love and appreciation,  Kylee Desilets, Canada.
* Thank you for the great class. I learned so much. Kim Hudson, California, USA.
* I wanted to thank you for the great job you did putting on Level I training.  It was an awesome class .Cathy Ruelas, Virginia, USA.
* Como te va querida Helena, antes que nada quiero expresarte mi agradecimiento infinito por haber hecho realidad mi tan anhelado suenio de traer al Dr. Goiz a dar su seminario de entrenamiento a USA. mil gracias querida Helena, Me siento muy bendecida de haber compartido contigo, con Catarina, Stephanie, Jesus en fin con todos. Mil gracias y estoy lista para otro seminario del Dr. Goiz, me encantaria volver a repetir el curso. Lucia Penate, Oklahoma, USA

Helena, I attended the Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy Level 1 course in Concord, CA from Oct. 17th – 23rd, 2012.  First, I want to sincerely thank you for organizing this event.  I know it must have been a great deal of work and you and the other organizers are to be commended because it was extremely efficient, well-organized and successful.  I feel very privileged and honored to have been a student of Dr. Goiz Duran and to learn this amazing healing technique even though I do not speak Spanish.  I thank you for providing that opportunity for me.  The simultaneous English translation worked beautifully.   Thanks again and I am very grateful to have been accepted into the class given by Dr. Goiz Duran this fall. Lorna Harding, Arkansas

173 International Biomagnetism Seminar, October 17-22, 2012, San Francisco, USA

Graduate students from 173 International Biomagnetism Seminar

                       Dr Isaac Goiz Duran w/ Helena Guerrero and Katharina Perez, Event Organizers

Dr. Issac Goiz Duran during 2011 Seminar in the USA

This last  seminar was a great success, with 113 students that came from  all over the world: Japan, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, France, Ireland, the Phillipines, Canada, Brazil, El Salvador and the US.
Our thanks to Mrs Joanne Quinn, Executive Director of FAIM, for participating and for FAIM´s  support of Biomagnetism.
Thanks to all of you  who came all the way to California, to be part of this historic event and made it happen, we could not have done it without you!
Special thanks to our wonderful assistants Angela Dueñas, Stephanie Richmond, Maria Morris, 
Dr. Christine Klein and Angelica Amaral who really helped so much.
To Thomas Belisle, for copying more than a 100 DVD's for everyone to take home!
And  to our  fantastic translator Jesus Felipe, who did an excellent job, assisted by Maria Morris.
Dr. Isaac Goiz Durán was very happy to be here, he loved the class and the people and he is coming back on October 2012.
We will post more details soon

151 Medical Biomagnetism Seminar San Francisco, December 2011

                    Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD with Helena Guerrero and Katharina Perez, event organizers