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In San Francisco, California:
Level 1Biomagnetism November 11-15, 2018
NCODE - Group Therapy November 17 & 18, 2018
Biomagnetic Neuropsychology November 17-20, 2018
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MicrobioEnergetics 2 June 5-9, 2019
Level 1 Biomagnetism June 12-16, 2019
Level 2 Bioenergetics Biomagnetic Neuropsychology June 2019

Monday, March 4, 2013

52 International Bioenergetics Seminar in San Francisco,CA, October 23-25, 2012

The 52 International Bioenergetics Seminar in San Francisco, CA, was a great success. This was the first Bioenergetics Seminar ever taught in english language and in the US!!! 
With Dra Esther del Rio and Dr Isaac Goiz Duran as instructors.
We were honoured to have Dra Esther del Rio teach the 1st day of class, as she usually only teaches in Mexico, we were really privilege that she came to the San Francisco area in October to teach Bioenergetics with Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD. 

Dra. Esther del Rio, a chemist and biologist researcher with a Master's degree and Doctorate in Biochemistry, whose revolutionary discovery in 1968 of the Crystal Water and the network of ferrous-ferric magnetites inside of the body and electromagnetic energy transfer shows that our bodies are composed of an intricate magnetic network, in the form of magnets, that work together forming a complex network of magnetic microfields and that the water inside the body is not water in its normal form (H2O), but has characteristics of optical glass, liquid crystal, (H2O)37. In other words, she has found that we are authentic antennas and we are literally light. She has scientifically proven why energy healing, reiki, crystal healing, color therapy, prayer,!

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