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In San Francisco, California:
Level 1Biomagnetism November 11-15, 2018
NCODE - Group Therapy November 17 & 18, 2018
Biomagnetic Neuropsychology November 17-20, 2018
In Miami, Florida 2019:
MicrobioEnergetics 2 June 5-9, 2019
Level 1 Biomagnetism June 12-16, 2019
Level 2 Bioenergetics Biomagnetic Neuropsychology June 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2013

188 International Biomagnetism Seminar in San Francisco, CA May 13-18, 2013

Another succesful Biomagnetism Seminar in the US. Our 4th !!! Thanks to all the amazing people who attended from all over the world, to our great volunteers, who helped so much: Esther Mora, Rosie Ramirez and Martha Montoya, to our much loved by all and excellent translator Jesus Felipe and to the staff at the Crown Plaza Hotel who were extremely attentive and always ready to help making it easier for everyone.
Here are some videos, pics and testimonials. If you attended and will like to add something, please send me an email:

       Dr Isaac Goiz Duran  w/ Helena Guerrero and Katharina Perez, organizers of the events in the US


                    May 2013 Biomagnetism Therapist Graduates, congratulations to all of them!!!

      Biomagnetism Therapist who attended  as part of their ongoing training for this revolutionary tecnique.

                                                                             Scanning process with Dr Goiz

* Dear Helena, I want to thank you for organizing this seminar with Katharina.  I so appreciate that your hard work made this possible for us to participate.  I am deeply grateful for having had this amazing opportunity to study with Dr. Goiz. Thank you. Madeleine Pestiaux, Eureka, California, USA
* Hola querida Helena! We are back home in Santa Paula after the wonderful course with
 Dr. Goiz and all our new friends and colleagues...Thanks so much for all you efforts and 
patience. With loving greetings, Reed, Eureka, California, USA
*Saludos para ustedes,quiero decirles que estoy muy agradecido con el Dr Goiz, Catherina y usted. Por tan valioso curso, el cual ya me sera de mucha ayuda. Ya tengo los primeros resultados son asombrosos y he atendido las recomendaciones del Dr Goiz. No me he detenido a saber la enfermedad. Mas bien solo he buscado los puntos en desequilibrio. Las personas tratadas han curado con una terapia. Bendiciones. Otilio Chavarria, Maryland, USA
Thanks so much for organizing this all!!! Katja Zink, Austin, TX, USA
* Dear Helena, I just want to thank you for the wonderful experience that I had at the seminar. It was a huge learning curve for me and I am now trying to get up 
to speed with the anatomy etc. I hope to eventually heal many people with this health approach. Best of health! Christian Helwig, BC, Canada