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Saturday, November 9, 2013

101 International 2nd Level Bioenergetics Seminar in San Francisco, California

What an amazing 2nd Level Bioenergetics Seminar we all experienced on October 18-20, 2014!!!
Dr Isaac Goiz Duran MD, introduced as to  a special guest Dr Gilberto Garcia Pinzon MD, who gave as a very interesting talk on different topics. Suzy Dior also join us from Monaco, for an excellent presentation on BioChemistry and how important  the body's pH is for overall health while Dr David Goiz Martinez MD introduced us to the new El Par Biomagnetico app for iPhone & iPad, an excellent tool, that will definetely help all Biomagnetism Therapists, specially if you are just starting your practice. He also introduced us to a very fun and effective teaching/learning tecnique he is developing and gave us an example with different Hepatitis and it's corresponding Biomagnetic Pairs, well, let's just say, that we've never forget our Heps BMP's!

Congratulations to all 2014  Bioenergetics  Graduates!

A big applause for these amazing Biomagnetism Therapists who attended for a second time in order to  improve their skills as every class is different and we always learn so much each time we take a training as Biomagnetism is evolving continously and new Biomagnetic Pairs are being discover.

Dr Gilberto Garcia Pinzon MD, during his presentation.

Thank you Suzy Dior for an excellent, informative and fascinating  presentation.

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